Free strategy coaching session when you order the 2020 Edition of the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections


the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections,

The Insiders Guide ebook

and a bonus free personal one-hour strategy coaching session are the three  tools that will help you get more buyers  and reach new  audiences.


Did you know that business and corporations are the most important buyers in the art market, and that they have a major impact on sales and exhibitions throughout the artworld?

But how do you contact them,  how do you reach the right people, and understand how the buyers make their decisions?

Here are the three tools to help you get new buyers:

2020 Edition of the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections,  the only source of information on over 700 art programs in workplace settings and non-traditional spaces, including corporations, small businesses, partnerships, corporate foundations, airports, municipal transport and metro networks, cruise ships, hotels, and hospitals. In continuous publication since 1983.  For the 2020 edition, 40 additional corporate collections have been added and the existing information has been updated and expanded.

This is simply the best source of information for what is happening with art in business and the workplace. 2020 edition to be published March 15th.  Please note that publication has been delayed a few weeks until March 15, so that an additional 10 collections could be added to this edition.

 “Insider’s Guide to Art in the Workplace. The Guide reveals how a corporate curator thinks, how they make their decisions, and how companies run their art programs., It is a synthesis of the insights I’ve gained during the past 50 years  of being involved in the world of corporate art.

A free one-hour personal strategy coaching session that will

give you a crystal clear vision of how to attract new buyers

set targets for your promotional strategy action plan and activities

and together we will uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging you and pinpoint specific areas that may be blocking your success

you will leave the strategy session renewed, inspired, energized

During  the past 50 years of documenting trends in the  corporate art world,  I have seen how it has  grown, retreated, and grown again like a phoenix, and has become transformed in the process each time.

Today companies have become more sophisticated and subtle in using art to enhance their company’s image, and it is being used in the workplace to stimulate creative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions

But how do they make their buying decision?  …. whether you are an artist, art gallery, art consultant, auction house, or museum, you need to understand how companies decide.


The Insiders Guide and Directory of Corporate Art Collections provide the two key research tools that give you the ability to attract more buyers and reach new audiences. 

And the bonus free one-hour coaching session will help you map out your own strategy.

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