Win a Directory of Corporate Art

See if you know the answer….     A new quiz every month!  The next challenge description will be posted next week.

There are over 700 corporate art programs around the world that work with artists and communities through art commissions, artist in  residence programs, lectures and workshops, heritage projects and special tours.

Every two weeks I will be posting here a description of an intriguing and successful art program  that is sponsored by a business or corporation in the world.

The first person  to correctly identify the company will win a free copy of the latest edition of the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections (regular price $125).   Just send me an email at with the name of the company.

I will then post the winner and the name of the company, and introduce a new art program.

Take the challenge and see if you can identify the company from the following information about their program.

Good Luck !

Here is the latest  challenge description, can you identify it?


The winner of the latest edition of the  International Directory of Corporate Art Collections  for the last challenge was :

Katherine Wagner, Chief Executive Officer at the Dallas Business Council for the Arts — Congratulations to Katherine!  A new challenge will be posted on Friday, April 20. 

The answer to the latest challenge was the Banco de la Republica of Colombia: 

This  Central Bank oversees several impressive museums and collections.  The mission of the bank’s program is to strengthen  the cultural identity of the country through enjoyment, learning and inspiration.

The bank’s art collection has about 3,500 works, representing South American and European artists. Art from the 18th century to the present is chronologically organized in 14 galleries.

One of the museums, the Gold Museum,  is part of the Cultural Division of the Bank and its mission is to preserve, research, catalogue and exhibit its archaeological collections in goldwork, ceramics, lithics and other  materials for present and future generations,

Since 2008,  ‘The Parking Lot’ has been tailored as an alternative and experimental space for the production, display and analysis of new artistic practices in the country.  This  project operates as a meeting point for artists and viewers.  With free access for the public, it acts as a high-quality alternative art space.

The Central Bank’s Botero Museum houses the collection of 208 works, with 123 by Botero and 85 by international artists.

Which Central Bank am I referring to?

The winner of the latest edition of the  International Directory of Corporate Art Collections  for the last challenge was :

Roberta O’Connor, Corporate Relations Officer, Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego

The answer to the last challenge was the Toronto Dominion Bank in Canada:

The Inuit Art Collection of this corporation was assembled to mark Canada’s 100 birthday in 1967.  The groundbreaking project ultimately created the most complete collection of Inuit art in existence to that date. By gathering a 1000-piece collection of post-WWII  Inuit sculpture and prints the collection became a source of national pride as this indigenous art form  has a significant place in Canadian identity.

The original collection consisted of just under 1,000 works, and among these were sculptures done in stone, bone, and ivory, along with prints, drawings, and ceramics. With an emphasis on works created after World War II and up to 1967, the collection included artists from across the Canadian Arctic; representing the major communities where carving took place.  Over the years, the collection has been selectively modified to ensure that it retains its reputation as one of the finest holdings of Inuit art in existence. The current collection of Inuit art consists of 610 pieces, and it has largely retained its  1945 to 1967 focus.

The answer to the  first collection was Hallmark Cards Inc, in Kansas City, Missouri

There were two winners that answered simultaneously:

Melody Phaneuf and Tim White

Hallmark Cards Inc

This company has one of the earliest and most enduring art programs in the US, and it now includes  nearly 4000 artworks by over 1000 artists.   In 1949 the company founder created a series of competitions with international art awards and acquired artworks by Edward Hopper,  Fairfield Porter, Charles Sheeler, David Park, Pierre  Alechinsky, and many others.
During later years, the company continued to acquire significant pieces by important artists such as  Alexander Calder, Sol Lewitt, and Louise Nevelson. which have become landmarks for the city at large.

In 2005 the company donated  an important collection of American photography of   6,500 images by 900 artists to its city museum. The donated collection spanned the history of  photography from 1839 to the present, that included virtually all the major American artists and the full range of artistic and technical achievements were represented.  Substantial holdings of prints by Harry Callahan (305), André Kertész (240),  Todd Webb (161),  Clarence John Laughlin (140),  Carl Van Vechten (80), and Dorothea Lange (71) were part of the donation.