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Our flagship reference source — in continuous publication since 1983 — available  in a pdf digital edition

The International Directory of Corporate Art Collections is now available for a limited time at a special  discount of 30%  !

…… is simply the best source of information to what is happening with  art in  business and the workplace

The only source of information about nearly 700 companies and businesses around the world,  that are buying art, displaying art in un-traditional spaces, commissioning art, sponsoring art,  and becoming partners with artists to create new ways to bring art into communities and people’s lives.

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(Note: the edition is in Adobe .PDF format that can be used on either PCs or Apple).  the three parts of the Directory are

1 )   Europe and Asia Pacific

2 )   North America

3 )   South and Central America

The Appendix gives information on 95 collections that have been dispersed, absorbed into the assets of another company, or
donated to museum and public collections.

As a bonus, we are also including the ebook, “Insider’s Guide to  Art in the Workplace (a $19.95 value).

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About the ebook:

As the founder and editor of the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections, I’ve been documenting corporate art collections for over 30 years . … And I’ve been watching while the field has transformed itself…….

  •  How, during the past 100 years, it has grown from a small interesting specialty in the art world into a multi-million dollar (or euro) business sector,
  •  how it has become such an important trend, that it’s had a major impact on the artworld,
  • how it has grown, retreated, and grown again like a phoenix, and has become transformed in the process each time.
  • how companies have become more sophisticated and subtle in using art to enhance their company’s image, and
  • how today it is being used in the workplace to stimulate creative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions

You will see  why corporations are still the most important buyers in the art market. And you will understand how the companies make their buying decisions – whether you are an artist, art gallery, art consultant, auction house, or museum.

This eBook reveals how a corporate curator thinks,  how they make their decisions, and how the corporations run their art programs,

It is virtually a synthesis of the insights I’ve gained during 30 years of documenting corporate art collections, and being involved in the world of corporate art.

The ebook and Directory provide the two key research tools that will give you the ability to reach the corporate art world, decide which companies to contact,  and  understand how they make their collecting decisions.

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR:     When you purchase the Directory through the payment button,  the download  link will be sent to you in a separate email.   Please make sure that you are providing the correct email address, otherwise, I cannot reach you.   After you have placed your order, your name and email address is  forwarded to me for checking and verification.   It may take a few hours for me to see your order  —   I am in the North American  East Coast time zone —   and then send the  link to you.    I am sorry for the inconvenience but because the directory is constantly being updated, this ensures that you will receive the latest version!