Table of Contents

A Celebration of
Corporate Art Programmes Worldwide

Chapter 1

 Why Corporations Collect art

Enhancing Corporate Image
Relationship with Staff
Art in Marketing and Selling
Promoting a Company’s Real Estate Development
Art Programmes and the Community

Chapter 2

 The Formation and Structure of Corporate Collections

A Brief History
Legal Structures
What Is Included in Collections?
Some Outstanding Works in Collections
Size of Collections
Range of Media
Collecting by Genre
How Art is Selected and Curated
Professional Associations and Other Advisory Resource Organisations

 Chapter 3

Corporate art programmes: Making art work

Displaying the Art in the Office
Creating Galleries and Exhibition Spaces
Displaying Directly to the Public
Displaying Art in Exhibitions
Collaborations with Museums
Creating Museums
Funding Cultural Centres
Commissioning Art
Artist-in-Residence Programmes
Sponsoring Art Awards
Educational Programmes
Employee Programmes
Direct Support for Artists
Support for Conservation Projects
Publicising Art Programmes

Chapter 4

 Current trends and a Glimpse of the Future

The Economy
Sale of Collections
Establishing Foundations
Geographic Developments

Art in Business Sectors
Financial Services
Law Firms
Travel and Tourism
Other Growth Sectors

  Technological Innovations

Copyright Issues

Developments in Architecture and Design

Movements in the Art Market

Interactions with Museums

Social Issues and Community Projects

A celebration of corporate art programmes worldwide

Chapter 5

 A selection of the Best 100 Corporate Art Programmes


Appendix — Chart of Results