Authors’ Biographies

Authors :

Peter Harris and Shirley Reiff Howarth

Peter Harris has been working in the field of corporate art for over 30 years. He was Chairman of International Art Consultants for much of that time, one of the leading consultancies advising companies worldwide on the benefits and best practice of corporate art programmes. He is also Chairman of the Wapping Arts Trust and sits on the board of other charities concerned with the arts and architecture. He has contributed to several major conferences and is the author of many articles on the subject of art in the working environment.

Shirley Reiff Howarth has been researching the field of art in corporations for nearly 35 years as the creator and editor of the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections published bi-annually since 1983. With an MA degree in Art History from Penn State University, she has documented the phenomenon of art collections in business, and how this trend has changed and evolved during the past decades.  As a former museum director and curator for 15 years, she also has first-hand insight into the unique world of museums and their mission of education.