Add your Art Program to the International Directory

Include your collection in the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections.


Provide information on the following.  You may not have programs or information on all of these subjects, but please complete as much as is available.  Thank you for your participation and I look forward to including your collection or art program in the International Directory of Corporate Art Collections

Name of company, business entity, workplace, or corporation
Physical Address[
Website address[

Personnel[ If available, people responsible for the management of the art program
Governing[ What legal structure oversees and manages the art program, eg foundation, corporation,
partnership, etc.
Business[ General information on the business, eg legal services, financial management, software producer, etc.

Year[ When the company began acquiring art
Size[ Approximate size of the collection
Description[ General description of the art collection, includes information on commissions, media, periods represented, major artists represented, etc.
Location[ General location of the collection, eg in a foundation museum, in the workplaces, special exhibition space, etc.

Viewing[ Are visitors able to view parts of the collection in the public areas, are there tours, etc.
Status[ Whether the collection is still being added to or is completed
Source[ Where the art was acquired, eg galleries, auction, through art adviser, artist in residence, etc.
Selection[ Who was involved in the selection of the artwork

Activities[ Other art related activities or programs of the company
Loans[ If artworks from the collection have been loaned in the past and if there are any guidelines or policies in effect
Exhibition program[ Past exhibitions organized by the company, or if works of art have appered in important exhibitions

Support[ Other art support or sponsorship
Publications[ publications or videos produced by the company
Bibliography[ Articles, publications about the collection
Keywords[ prints, graphics, commissioned works, etc.


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