Welcome to the forums.  We  welcome your comments and invite you to discuss issues that may develop from some of the subjects that I write about.  I also welcome information on projects , and suggestions from guest contributors.

I hope that the forums will  cover all the facets of business involvement in the arts — encompassing collecting art, sponsorship, collaborations with museums, and community programs. And I will keep up with recent and current projects, as well as looking into some incredible collections, exploring some projects in planning, and investigate how some business sectors have been exploring art.

The term “corporate art” has become generic — and is generally used to describe art displayed in the workplace or business environment. But it can also refer to art in small businesses such as partnerships or sole proprietorships. So for the forums,  I’m using the term to include art in non-traditional or unexpected spaces – eg other than museums and art galleries. This can include hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, airports, factories, metro and transit systems, and collections managed by corporate foundations and corporate museums.

Art has been known to change history. Can it change the workplace?

Art in the workplace has been part of a larger trend toward humanizing the working environment which reached its zenith in the 1970s and 1980s with the Human Relations movement…. and continues unabated.

So I hope you will use the forums here to explore the world of art in the workplace and non-traditional spaces.

I welcome you on the continuing journey !!

Shirley Reiff Howarth, Editor, CorporateArtBrief

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      As a visitor or employee  what has been your experience in having art displayed in the workplace.
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